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M2C technology development (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

M2C cross-border export system belongs to Eamon Tutsi Science & Technology Development(Dalian)Co.Ltd.it is engaged in the business ofdirectly selling Chinese products to consumers around the world.in the advanced stage it will include in factories all over the world.
to better interpret the concept of ‘selling worldwide products to the world’ in the trade chain factories customers are the two most important trading bodies. two main bodies need to connect through many traders.wholesalers at all levels, retailers and so on many stages.trade chain lengthiness will certainly cause large growth in channel cost consumers bear higher commodity prices and factories also only get meager profit. To adapt to the development of jglobal internet technology and general trend of trade service refinement.
M2C cross-border export system builds a direct path between factories and global consumers cuts down middle channel cost of trade flows.
reducess the consuming cost of purchasers. and makes factories enjoy more profits.As a manufacturer,it can directly sell products to global consumers with no need to possess foreign trade marketing team,and development cost. and it is equivalent for consumers to buy products directly from factories,and it is equivalent for consumers to buy products directly from factories.this greatly reduces consumer cost,This is a kind of evolution of social divistion of labor and a kind of advanecd business ecosystem.