C218 Mini Dual-port USB Car Charger Adapter Double standard USB output


1. This product by CE, E – MAKE, RoHS, FCC certification, have the overcharge protection function
2. The built-in insurance circuit, even if the power supply unexpected short-circuit, will not damage the equipment
3. The actual standard of automobile industry, shielding electromagnetic interference of other electrical equipment

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Product Description

1. The environmental protection and energy saving materials
2. Double standard USB output, suitable for any car, mobile phone is applicable to any USB interface
3. Mini small unique appearance design, contracted and fashionable style, exquisite workmanship
4. The built-in intelligent protection system, performance is remarkable, safe portable
5. Has the short circuit, open circuit, overload protection function, the comprehensive protection of your mobile phone
6. Bilateral spring design, effectively prevent slip from the cigarette lighter plug, use more secure
7. In the process of charging will not affect the normal conversation, ensure that information unblocked
8. Speeding, super quality, and the charge to ensure good quality sense of extreme speed
9. Wide working voltage of 12 to 28 v can be normal use
10. Charging for low power electronic products

Additional Information

Weight 0.068 kg
Dimensions 15.2 x 11.9 x 3 cm



Australia, China


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