New Fashion Hot Selling Ergofits ComfortFoam Wrist mousepad Black


Ergofits ergonomics Ensure that the wrist comfort Memoryfoamed memory foam characteristic formula Long time use deformation ECO environmental protection technology.

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Product Description

Special Feature
ErgoFits integrated environmental protection material and advanced technology, and provides ergonomic;
ECO environmental protection idea, take the advanced extrusion technology, no glue or harmful chemicals to fit at the bottom of the fabric and NR natural rubber;
Memory foamed memory cotton in line with the outline and adjust your wrist, provides maximum wrist use comfort and flexibility;
Memory cotton will retain their body heat at the same time, improve blood circulation;
Provide good use soft cloth touch feeling, and can provide precise positioning the mouse;
Circular mouse pad design, more effective use of office space;

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 29.3 x 25.8 x 3 cm

China, Germany




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